Food & Beverage

EG America Launches BOGO Coffee Deal Wednesdays

EG America announced its “Share the Warmth Wednesday” promotion where, starting in January, guests who purchase any size coffee on Wednesdays will get a second one free of charge. This hopefully encourages guests to share their daily coffee with family, friends, coworkers and loved ones, spreading the love through the colder months.


EG Group Raises Funds for Disabled American Veterans

EG Group decided to give back to the communities in which it does business and once again launch its annual campaign to raise funds for Disabled American Veterans (DAV). Donations will help DAV ensure that injured and ill veterans can access the full range of benefits available to them.

EG America Delivers With DoorDash

WESTBOROUGH, Mass. — EG America is working with DoorDash to offer delivery of snacks, sandwiches, pizza, coffee and more. Customers can order items from EG convenience brands including Cumberland Farms, Certified Oil, Fastrac, Kwik Shop, Loaf N' Jug, Minit Mart, Quik Stop, Sprint, Turkey Hill and Tom Thumb through DoorDash's app and website.


EG America to Launch Summer of SmartPay Promotion

EG America’s SmartPay Rewards program, after reaching $5 billion in fuel sales since its launch in 2013, gives rewards members the ability to save 10 cents on every gallon of fuel. Since 2013, it has saved members $200 million. The program is available at EG retailers throughout the country, including Cumberland Farms, Certified Oil, Fastrac, Kwik Shop, Loaf N’ Jug, Minit Mart, Quik Stop, Tom Thumb and Turkey Hill. The program is free to join and free to use.