Fastrac opens newest cafe location in Elbridge

December 21, 2016

From fresh ground coffee to gas, from a casual meal to a last minute item, Fastrac’s newest location in Elbridge, is striving to fill a niche in the local community. Jim Allen, vice president of marketing for Fastrac was among the staff and guests in attendance Friday morning for the official opening of the newest location.

Allen said currently Fastrac has 48 stores across upstate New York stretching from Amsterdam to Buffalo.

“It is great to be here in Elbridge,” Allen said. “We are all very excited to be here and to see this store open. We are looking forward to being a part of the Elbridge community.”

Allen said Fastrac is always on the lookout for new opportunities and new locations.


When the property in Elbridge, the site of a former car dealership, became available it was viewed as a prime location.

“We were looking to expand into this territory,” Allen said. “Our real estate team found this property and we thought it was perfect for what we wanted to do.”

The 5,600 square foot store is an example of the direction Fastrac is moving in.

Allen said the business is looking to move beyond the idea of what might typically be considered the standard gas and convenience store.

elbridge2While the new location offers those items including gas and many convenience items from snacks to coffee, Allen said the philosophy is changing and Fastrac is offering much more to its customers.

“We want to be more than the typical gas and convenience store,” Allen said. “We have all those things, but we have a whole lot more.”

Offering both drive through and walk in service, Fastrac boasts a bit of everything.

Allen said in many ways it can be viewed as moving in a fast casual direction, offering a selection a notch above typical fast food.

The new location has freshly made sandwiches, handmade milkshakes and smoothies as well as pizza, subs and meals that can be grabbed on the go including items like pasta and salads.

“It is fast casual,” Allen said. “Whether it is that one item you need to grab you can come here rather than run to the grocery store or a larger store. If you are looking for a meal to take home to the family or to get your candy fix, you can get it here.”

The Elbridge store also hosts Fastrac’s latest coffee system.

While there are options to grab a cup of coffee, hot chocolate or cappuccino on the go, there are also coffee machines that will freshly grind and brew coffee in a matter of less than a minute, offering everything from French Roast to Columbian and everything in between.

But perhaps more important than its business offerings, Allen pointed to the connection Fastrac is building with the local community.

One corner of the store is dedicated to the Jordan-Elbridge school district. With photos of sports teams and academic accomplishments enshrined on the walls and the J-E Eagle emblazoned, Allen said creating a connection in the community is an important part of the character of Fastrac locations.

This is further demonstrated with a program being launched at the Elbridge location.

As part of the opening ceremony, Fastrac presented the Jordan-Elbridge School District’s Superintendent Jim Froio with a check for $5,000. Allen said this is a first for Fastrac and is the first step in a program where each Wednesday the store will donate a penny from each gallon of gas sold to the school.

Jordan-Elbridge superintendent Jim Froio was presented with a check for $5,000 during the opening of the Fastrac in Elbridge.

Jordan-Elbridge superintendent Jim Froio was presented with a check for $5,000 during the opening of the Fastrac in Elbridge.

“It is a kind of pay it forward,” Allen said. “We are going to try this here and see how it goes and possibly begin doing it at our other locations.”

Froio said when he was approached about this opportunity he was pleased Fastrac thought of the school district and said it was well timed.

Froio said the school district will be introducing a new three year old school program in January with 32 students already enrolled.

The funds donated Friday will be used to help with costs for an indoor playground to be used for the new program.

“It is so nice,” Froio said. “We are so glad they thought of us. We are so excited about our new program. It was great timing and we are so appreciative.”