Member Card Account

Automatically rolls back the pump and securely links to bank account.

20¢off per gallon*

We now offer our New Account Members
a double discount for first 60 days of membership!*

Gets Two Benefits: Roll Back Discount and 10% off in-store**.

  • No Membership Fees
  • No Credit Card Fees
  • 10% off In-Store Purchases**
  • Automatically Discounts at the Pump with Current Discount Rates
  • Works at All Fastrac Locations
  • Every Transaction Has an Email Receipt
  • Up to 5-Cards Per Account
  • Use to Purchase Gasoline and In-Store Merchandise
  • New Members Get Double Discounts for First 60-Days.
How Double Discount Works

The first half of the discounted fuel purchase amount is automatically rolled back at the pump at the time of purchase, THEN the second half is adjusted when account is debited.

Your email notice will provide the final discounted amount of savings when debit is made to your account.

* Example: For 60 Days the New Account Gets Up to:

  1. 20 cents off per gallon

* After 60-Days - Prevailing Discount(s) Will Apply Up to:

  1. 10 cents per gallon every day

**Restrictions apply to 10% off in-store purchases.

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